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Starting Plan Team : “Welcome to Our New Home”

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starting plan - welcome to our new home

Hello, Welcome to the NEW Home of Starting Plan.

We hope you enjoy your time while you are browsing around our new site. This new site is designed to be an easy-to-access place to exchange information between Starting Plan team and You. We especially develop this Blog section to share about what we love and know about Technology. Whether you are a IT practician, students, researcher, parents, or just someone who just passing by, we believe that our new site has something for you. So like a kid with a new toy, we want to parade our new site a little and show it to all our friends.

On this site you can see around about our company profiles, what we do, our services, our works, our parallax site, etc. And on this blog, you can see and browse around articles through categories. We classified the articles into 5 major categories which are : company news, web consultation, web design & development, brand & corporate identity, digital marketing & technology news.

You can get the latest information about Starting Plan on company news category. Then you can browse around articles about web consultation in its web consultation section. Web design & development category will contain anything related to web design & web development. Brand & corporate identity will cover anything related to brands & also corporate identity. Digital marketing will consists articles about the trend of digital marketing, tips & trick, etc. And technology news will cover about the technology rapid development around us.

Once again, we hope that we can contribute something, news that can be useful informations for you. We really hope you enjoy your time while navigating around our site.

Feel free to contact us for suggestion, feedback, question or anything. And connect with us via our social networks. Thank you


Warm Regards,
Starting Plan Team