About Us

about starting plan

Web Consultant & Digital Agency for Online Business

Starting Plan is a web consultant and digital agency for online business with extremely talented employees established on November 2010. We are officially located at Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta, Indonesia. Our company name “Starting Plan” has been chosen to communicate our commitment to provide high quality products as a starting plan for you and your business.

GROW your website CREATIVELY.

Since 2010, Starting Plan has helped both big and small companies in forging a path on the World Wide Web. We grow from website developer into consultant firm & digital agency for online business with team consists of professional web developers, creative designers, SEM & SEO experts, Social Media specialist, and marketing expert, to fulfill the requirements of clients.

Our team always try hard in order to provide high quality products to meet our client’s objectives. To fulfill this, our team always grow by embracing the latest of cutting-edge Web technology and applications, think outside the box to apply these trends, not just follow trends blindly. Starting Plan also responsive to the needs of our clients, and invest in R&D to make sure that our work will meet the client’s objectives.

As an Online Business Consultant, we will collaborate and give consultation about the right way to dive in the online business. As Digital Agency, we help Clients to expand their brands into the digital world by using the power of internet marketing combined with the offline marketing. We do not just work for you, we would like to invite you as our valued customers and partners, together creating strategic and creative partnership that will help your business grow, flourish and sky-rocketing!
So, what are you waiting for? We are more than happy to serve you!