Branding & Corporate Identity

Branding & Corporate Identity

Starting Plan builds your brand from sketch to live, to communicate who you are.
Our Branding and Corporate Identity team loves to find the FUN & SMART ways to communicate your BRAND!

These are why you need BRANDING:
1. To convey that you are reputable & recognized
2. To be remembered for long
3. To attract more clients and kick start your sales
4. To build an image and sell your business
5. To stand out in competitive market

BRAND is not a logo, nor a fancy image or tagline. It is something more than that. Brand is a self identity Рreflecting your company’s personality. It representing your company to achieve more in the future and differentiate your company with others.

Starting Plan as your Brand and Corporate Identity Consultant understands this concept and brings you the creative ideas and satisfying executions for your company. Starting Plan defines your company as a unique idividual with certain identity and behaviour, with a glace of future development and vision of your company.

Our Branding and Corporate Identity service includes: Brand Manual Design, Logo design, Brand Tagline , Business Card Design, Letterhead and Envelope design, Company Profile Design, Promotional Kits and Marketing Tools Design, Digital Company Magazine Design.