Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization is needed by every site in this world. Why? Because it can improves the website’s visibility on Major Search Engine natural or organic results around the world.

Why your website needs visibility on Search Engine?
Because every keyword in Search Engine has its own market, and it will be a disaster if you let your competitors grab your online market by getting to the top positions in those keywords.

Several other reasons why your website need Search Engine Optimization service?
• Indonesia’s internet user is growing nearly 45 million users according to Internet World Stats, and 85% of them use Search Engine as a searching tool.
• 95% of Indonesia’s people use Google as their main Search Engine.
• Search Engine will give you more targeted visitors for your business
• It will give your site more visibility, and means more exposure.
• Increase the chance of sales since the visitors visit your site are way more targeted
• Increase the brand reputation of your business brand
• Increase the website popularity

What will happened if you do not use Search Engine Optimization for your website ?
• You will lose the opportunity of more sales in digital world
• Your site cannot be searched in major search engines means people cannot find you
• Your competitor will outbeaten you in digital world
• Your competitor gain more market share in digital world
• Your brand doesn’t have an online presence

International SEO Standard

seo certified

Starting Plan as one of many SEO companies in Indonesia offers solution for your website in form of SEO service. Starting Plan has professionals in Search Engine Optimization Field that have been acknowledged worldwide and certified by SEO Institute from Canada. Our professionals are following the latest search engine technologies update according to United States Standard.

What Starting Plan offers in our seo services :
• In depth analysis about your current site condition according to search engine characteristic
• In depth analysis about your current site content for visitors / human
• Report about competitors’ SEO situation as well as strategies used by competitors
• New SEO blueprint which will include new strategies that will incorporate strategies from Starting Plan team with competitor’s strategy
• The selection of technology & tools that will support the SEO Campaign
• 2-3 level of keyword research to find better keywording strategies for your SEO Campaign
• On Page & Off Page Optimization with International Standard
• GEO-location optimization & Local Search Optimization for single-multiple countries or single-multiple languanges.
• Vertical Search Optimization of various multimedia elements
• SEO Reporting & SEO Campaign Tweaking to make sure that your website will get the best treatment

Along with the web design & development team, our SEO team will make sure that your website will have high search engine visibility from the development phase to the maintenance phase.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to get the best quote in SEO Service.