Social Media Marketing

social media marketing
Social Media Marketing will create very huge impact for your brand by gaining website traffic / attention through major social media sites. According to webcertain, Indonesia has the world’s second largest number of Facebook users, with almost 40 million users – registering a 90% penetration level. Indonesia also has the 4th largest Twitter population in the world, with 21% of penetration. With enormous Social Media users, a Social Media campaign will rocket your traffic, promote your brand and sales.

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing Campaign :
• Build communities around your business
• Increase your brand influence & awareness
• Share your brand personality with Social Media users
• Reach your target customers based on demographic & behaviour
• Deepen your relationships with customers by communicating & interacting with them
• Increase traffic for your business
• Increase sales as well as brand attention from social media users
• Gain more attention for products launching / certain campaign objectives

Major brands around the world are using Social Media power to increase their brand reputation as well as deepen the relationship with customers

Some brands that utilize the power of Social Media Campaign :
• President of USA Barrack Obama
• Dunkin Donuts
• Coca Cola
• American Express
• Red Bull
• Dell
• Zappos
• many more