Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

Web design and development is one of our specialities and sweet spot. With the rapid change of internet trends, we will think hard to create the concept for Client’s web and implement it in a smart way. We are confident to say that we stay on the top latest trends by providing access to education, informations, and resources to our professional designers and developers.

Starting Plan team understands that different design approaches are needed in different industries. That’s why our team will help you to design a website that will represent your company’s brand image, and give your business a strong boost in online world. Not only a nice and eye cathing design view, but the information given in the website will be arranged to give maximum support, with the aim of reaching out to the world in short time to give the potential customer a glimpse about your business.

Our web design and development team will work on different types of multimedia elements such as graphic, audio, video, animation, text in creative process according to client’s requirement. As a web design company, we will also design the user experience that will delivered by your website as well as the user interface, to make it very effective in strengthen you online presence.

Web Development Process

In order to make sure the website development process running well, we would like to communicate our website development process line through this brief explanation:

web development process

The websites we design:
• Compatible with various latest browsers
• Have clean code structures
• Search Engine Friendly
• Validated by W3C
• Have professional & appealing look
• Relevant with Client’s Brand
• Including the source files for Client